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Grab a bite

Clock – Socialist Burgers Inc. reveals the untold story of when the
Swedish government decided to launch its own brand of hamburgers –
and how it all ultimately collapsed.

When McDonald's opened in Stockholm in 1973, people reacted in different ways: Some cheered, others protested, a few built bombs. One thing was clear: the hamburger was here to stay. The Swedish welfare restaurant corporation (yes!) SARA saw the potential and started Clock – "the all-time burger". 


Fast forward some 50 years. Sweden is now one of the most liberal and privatized countries in the world. The same nation who came up with government funded burgers now advocate venture capitalist schools.

So what happened in the timespan between the two?

And who puts pineapple on a burger? 

May I take your order?
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thomas forslund, okejad_edited.jpg

Gustav has been working with film, television, and advertising since 2015,
with employers including SVT, SR, and Aftonbladet. Prior to this, he has a
background as a reporter. Since 2020, he’s been running Torkelsgatan
Media and has, among other things, produced ’Slåss Som En Tjej’ which

was acquired by SVT Dokumentär. In recent years Gustav has pri-
marily written and directed major advertising and branded content

productions for some of Sweden’s largest companies and organizations.
As an alumnus of Öland’s Documentary Film School and Linnéuniversitet’s
journalism program, he is passionate about stories with a high ’wow’ factor
and pop-cultural phenomena.

Petter has over 25 years of experience in documentaries, factual
entertainment, and commercial film productions. He has collaborated with
prominent brands such as H&M, EA Games, Ubisoft, Education First,
Spotify, Deezer, and Roboroc, to name a few. Additionally, he has produced
documentaries for an impressive client list, including Quincy Jones, and
worked as a dramaturgical consultant for NETFLIX. Petter has also served
as a narrative consultant for high-profile AAA games like Battlefield and
held the role of executive producer for the epic show Survivor. His latest
documentary, ’Secret Sea,’ was nominated for Best Documentary Series at
both the Kristallen and Ria Gala awards. As a producer, he has also been
honored with the Swedish Film Institute’s documentary prize for
’The Substitute.’ In addition, he participates as a jury member at the US
International Film Festival.

Skärmavbild 2024-03-12 kl. 16.03.17.png

Julia is a Swedish-Norwegian film worker who completed her bachelor’s
degree in image production in the spring of 2023. During those three three
years, she was building and completing her education with a strong focus
on documentary storytelling. Her experience includes directing, editing
and producing a number of short films. Julia has also interned at Mantaray
Film, where she worked as a producer and editorial assistant on a variety
of documentary projects. Today, Julia is involved in a range of projects,
both documentary and fictional. She happily immerses herself in stories
from the past, preferably surrounded by archive collections. However,
as a producer, she thrives on maintaining the absolutely necessary bird’s
eye view.






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